The beach in March!  amazingness, is that even a word.  We have truly been bless by Mother Nature.  This week has become an over the top spring into summer.  I keep having to remind myself it is March.

The boys and Grace enjoying a day at Lake Michigan

Grace and Mom on a beautiful day at Lake Michigan

My girl blows the BEST kisses!

We took this weather as an opportunity to jump straight into spring head first.  It feels so good to put on flip flops and air out our arms and legs.  They have been covered up for 6 months now and the sun feels good.

The sand was amazing today

Graces sweet feet in the sand

After the time change I think we all needed this.  It is hard changing up the schedule you follow day in and day out for months.  The extra hour is hard to say goodbye to.  I still miss it….. especially in the morning.  On the flip side it reminds us that days are longer and that means more time for the kids to play outside, dinner is later because…well, we just seem to have more time.

Ryan and Sean playing in the sand

First sand castle of the year

I am loving the first signs of the change of season.  It is time to change out the blankets and replace them with lighter ones in pretty soft pastels.  Pull out the patio furniture from the sheds they are stacked in.  Soon we will be able to fill our pots with the colors of the season.

Grace having fun in the sun


Every change of season gives me a chance to reflect as well as anticipate.  I look back at the season we just left and look forward to the one we are entering.  It reminds me that my kids are 6 months older and we are about to mark off yet another school year.  They are 1 school year older.  I never thought time would fly this fast.

The boys were chasing sea gulls

As I said in this post, we have to make every holiday, every event, every day something to remember because that is what molds their future and their relationship with us.  I want my kids to be confident so they can take this one life and make the most of it!  I want them to know that their Dad and I did our best to make the most of our life.  These are lessons that are very important to me.

I just hope they remember days at the beach….

The water was so beautiful today

Drinks in mason jars…..

Homemade Iced tea

I hope they remember how much they are loved….

Those things make me feel at home and grounded.

Our family at the beach


Grace on the shore

Our friends with us on the beach

Happy weekend everyone!  Next week is National Down Syndrome Day!  March 21st!  I have a little fun up my sleeve.  Keep checking back here and on my face book page.  I hope to have some fancy giveaways from the most awesome artists on Etsy!Dani playing with the boys on the beach

Happy St Patricks Day!  Make it great!