Beautiful flowers brought to you by myself.  This “self” decided that she deserved a vase of pretty orange flowers to look at.  It makes the whole process of breakfast, lunch and dinner special.  So there you have it.  I felt I was deserving of these beauties because well I deserve them.  A little fun fact I do this every week!

AH3A3761 copy

Believe me there are many days and weeks that I am not deserving of such a beautiful little reminder of “your special” but this week just happens to be different.  This week I feel like we climbed a big mountain and are resting at the top enjoying the beautiful fluffy clouds.  Things just seem easier this week homeschooling, therapy, cooking, schedules all of it.  I seem to be in the car instead of running behind it.  Now forget about the part where we made it to Tae kwon do without the belts.  (that is not allowed btw) or the fact that I had to run to the store twice for two different ingredients for the cookies we are making in these pictures.  I gave myself yet another pass and some how things still seem a little easier.

AH3A3496 copy

I think it has a lot to do with a lighter work schedule and just being here.  My focus is solely on my job as a mother.  When the slates are clean (and that is not often) and the extras are cleaned out life just is easier.

This week I will savor it.  We are working on new things and I see little buds growing on the brains of my children.  Struggles we have had in the past are now not as big of a concern. It feels good to know that your hard work is paying off and there is a bigger foundation to grow from. So we celebrate with a cookie.

AH3A3504 copy AH3A3508 copy

We made cookies together.  They are like therapy for me and probably a big reason I go up a jean size every year.  They are my staple.  Friends and family can rest assured they will be there waiting when they come for a visit.  My kids get them for good grades, half days and just a late night, there is nothing to eat in our house.  I can whip them up in 10 mins flat.  In the oven they go and they transform the whole atmosphere in our house.  Happier is happier and frowns are turned upside down.  Its a fact.

AH3A3508 AH3A3510 copy

We do this so much I wanted to capture some of the feeling that goes into each batch.  It has been a bucket list thing to pull out the camera and use the remote so that I could be in the images with my kids too.  I love these because they are who we are.

AH3A3517 copy AH3A3524 copy AH3A3528 copy

This family loves cookies, home, a good show on TV and our friends and family.

Check back this Friday for a great giveaway!  Girl moms you are not going to want to miss this! More to come on Down syndrome awareness month!

Happy hump day!  Heres to easy weeks.  I love them!  OX