As I sit here typing this I am already missing the bustle of the weekend.  Although we took the less is more route this year we packed that little bit with a whole lot of goodness.  Friends came, and projects were complete but most of all we spent a whole lot of time together.  We were all in the same place together, loving it and hating it all in one.  That is what family is about right?

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The furnace and the A/C were used this weekend but one thing was for sure.  The sun came out.  Shining proudly and setting beautifully.

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Although the extended weekend felt really good I could not help but think of all the aching hearts of the families who are still and always will mourn the loss of their loved ones.  The loved ones who unselfishly sacrificed their life for me, and for my family.  A piece of my heart aches for them.

We kicked off the summer with a whole lot of things that say, “summer is here”!  It is here and we are ready to write the 2014 chapter of sun, water and sand.

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Happy summer time to all of you! OX Katie