Dear Grace-

Here we are today staring 6 years right in the eye balls.  Seems like yesterday we were holding you for the first time.  Last night as Sue asked us question after question, like she does every year on the eve of your big day, your Dad and I strolled through those memories.  What it felt like to be welcoming our 6th and final baby that we were sure would be another boy!  You gave me the surprise of a lifetime.  The moment Dr Mac said, “Katie, you have your daughter.” changed everything for us and nothing has been the same since.

You completed our big crazy family.  The impact you have had on our lives is really indescribable.  As I sit here and type on my computer in Michigan this morning I know that if it weren’t for the extra chromosome you came with I would not be here.  That chromosome lead us to a neighborhood that has become family right here in Michigan.  Never mind the friends that are driving 8 hours to be with us today to celebrate you and 2015.  I am positive we wouldn’t know them if it weren’t for you.  The experiences, trips, and the memories we have created all because of that one little part of what makes you, you.

So I guess 6 years later I am finally realizing why at the moment you took your first breath the nurse said, “She looks like a Grace to me!”  She could have said that for many reasons…..I mean you do have 5 brothers.  I have to believe that it was the perfect adjective that described your perfect soul.  Why you came to us.  What makes you, you.  You were Gods gift to us and through his grace he has given us all a second chance to be better.

Girlfriend.  I thank God for you  Our future may not be what others might look forward to, but its our story and I will cherish the moments as they come.  I wish I could write to you and say that I have this parenting thing figured out but that would be the furthest from the true.  I am strong but weak in so many ways.  As quick as I say, “This is what we are going to do.”  I am also saying, “I have no idea where we are going.”  What I do know is that your Dad and I are committed to all you kids.  We are committed to raising you to be better then us in environment that you can always call home.

So fly you little six year old.  You have nothing to prove to anyone.  You be you and you love you.  We are here.  But this year we are going to start the process of letting you go.  You go be who you are supposed to be.  I sometimes want so much for you that I hold on a little too tight.  What I have realized is that you don’t need me, you got it and it is time to stand back and watch.

So today we celebrate you!  I love you more then you will ever know.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  Mom

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