Tonight I sit here in my office with the light of my computer and my tiny vintage christmas tree I thrifted last year.  (I kinda have a little obsession for these little things.)  It feels good.  We decked the halls this afternoon and although it was not done in the fashion I had imagined the tree is up and I am doing a little happy dance because we are entering a month full of celebrations, family and friends!

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Plans change around here with the drop of a hat and today as we were pilling back in the car after cleaning up the cottage I asked the dreaded question to my husband.  “Tree farm or Home Depot?” He picked the HD.  He did not choose the store because that is where he wanted to go it is just where we needed to go because neither of us had the patience to get to the tree farm with 6 kids in toe while singing christmas carols so that everyone remained happy.  So that is ok.  We rocked out the Home Depot Christmas tree shopping, pictures and all.  Can you believe they have a costume wall?  You know the kind that you stand behind and stick your face up to?  That one!  There must have been a whole lotta other people who could not make the farm and needed a little memory making while picking out the perfect tree just like us!

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Even though today did not go as expected our weekend was filled with good friends, food, wine and more food.

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We had the most amazing weather this weekend.  No gloves and sometimes no coats needed!


Oh and Christmas Parades! My kids were so excited.  These people threw out real chocolate instead of the tootsie roll staples.  It pays to see a parade in a small town.

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4Q3B6470 copy 4Q3B6481 copy

I am determined that Grace will know who Santa Claus is this year.  We talk about him every night and touch his snowy white beard.  She can say Santa with prompting and I can see the excitement in her eyes when she looks at all the twinkling lights.  I think this year will be just a little extra special.

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These 2 beautiful hearts were reunited.  They really love each other.

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Saturday ended the Little Maven by Tori Spelling Holiday look book contest!  It is so awesome to see all the beautiful faces entered!  I am so glad I do not have the job of picking the kids to be in the magazine because WOW that will be difficult!  All kids together make a beautiful statement to the world!  Thank you all for participating and showing the Little Maven team just how much this means to all parents!

I am working on a little holiday post to share some vendors who just as Tori did, included children of all abilities in their advertising this year.  I know you are planning to make holiday purchases and how nice would it be to support companies that believe in all kids!  So stay tuned, it is in the “coming soon” mode!

Until then, just a couple pictures of our family decking our halls.  I lost count of how many ornaments broke at 4.  Tom assured me these things always happen in big families.  He remembers his dog running up the tree and ornaments being used as footballs.  I do not remember these things at all.  I think in my whole life our tree never ever was vertical unless it was being brought in the house.

Thank goodness Grandma buys wood ornaments for the kids each year.  They just might make it out of this house in one piece when they get married.

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OXOX – Katie