I could name this post many things.  Sugar downers stink. Raising six kids is hard. Rainy days when there is no school can be a drag.  I won’t bore you with the rest of the things that were flying through my head today.  Bad Bad Bad Mommy day and just as bad kid day.  The bickering started bright and early.  I had errands to run and school to complete so I needed some fast track ideas.  I looked out the window and saw an acre of fallen leaves so I turned to the boys and directed them straight out the door.  Grab the rakes and get started boys.  There is a movie in the theaters they wanted to see so I told them that if they gathered at least half the leaves on the ground  I would take them to that movie.  There was a bonus if they did a really good job I would give them 5.00 to spend at the concession stand!  Sounded like a great idea to me and peace instantly came over the house.

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Dani arrived to help watch the kids while I was out and it was seconds later the bickering started again.  I reminded them to keep their eye on he ball and ran out the door.  I love taking my kids places especially the movies.  All 6 of them sitting there mesmerized by the big screen  I love it.  Unfortunately they failed miserably and I had to stick to my guns.  There was no movie.  Secretly I was as disappointed as they were.  So much so that Dani sent me a text commending me on staying strong and not giving in.


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The day was ruined.  The good time I had planned was history.  I was not a happy Mama.  Sometimes I really hate being the adult.  The one that has to change plans when behavior takes a left instead of a right.  So tonight I am mentally exhausted.  The boys have forgotten they even missed the movie and I want a do over.  UGH!  It ain’t easy raising six kids and today I wanted to be that mom that threatened to move out.  You know the one where she has the suitcase in the closet and walks out the door to get the kids attention except mine would have been waving goodbye from the front window.

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On another note it is November and although day one was not what I expected it to be,  my friend Gail told me my path is already determined.  Sit back and enjoy the ride. More on that beautiful conversation soon.  So I will do that.  I am going to sit back and enjoy November.  Christmas music was playing in the book store this evening and my son Sean asked me what happens when you touch the Elf on the Shelf.  I told him you have bad luck for a year.  His eyes got big as saucers and he confessed that he touched him last year.  Upps!  The magic of Christmas is still alive in our home and I am going to savor every magical moment of it.

If you are local we will be at the launch of Monica + Andy, the hottest new clothing line based right here in Chicago!  They believe in including all children of all abilities in their promotion and have invited Grace and her Daddy to walk in their fashion show!  We are very excited to be a part of this event!  The models will be walking the red carpet at 10:30am and show starts at 11:15am at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum!  Come see us!  oh and don’t forget to click on the link above and show them some love!  Let them know that you are thankful for designers like them that believe in children of all abilities!

Happy weekend everyone!  Here is to hot chocolate and bonfires.  I hope to have both this weekend.