It has been 7 years now since Ryan my 3rd child entered our lives.  He was born on a beautiful sunny day.  In fact since I was induced I was able to enjoy the sun till 2:00 in the afternoon when they called and said it was time.  Needless to say be was born to a very sunburnt Mama!Family Birthday: Celebrating Ryans birthday with family

Can you believe this picture is blurry!!  I still love it anyway..

The years have flown and I can not believe he is now my 7 year old!  My middle guy who never wanted to grow up is doing just that growing up……and we celebrated it!Family Birthday celebration: Celebrating together milestones of achievement

What a trip we have had over the past 7 years.  Ryan was born and he was the image of me!  I just knew then that I was meant to be a boy Mom.  He looked so much like me that I thought this was God telling me this is the closest you will ever get to having a girl.  I will give you a son that looks like you.

Celebrating with Family: Ryans 7th birthday party

Family and Friends: Celebrating with friends Ryans 7th birthday

We have watched him grow, mature and learn.  He inspires me every day to try harder, think outside the box and grow along with him.   He has changed my outlook on parenting.  Through Ryan I learned that parenting is not for sissy’s!!!  It takes more then food, shelter, clothing and love to be a good parent.  It takes hard work… I never even knew existed.

Celebrating Ryans Birthday

Ryan has given me confidence, the confidence to stand up for what I believe in and to advocate for my children.  He reminds me that good things….wonderful things come in all sorts of different packages and often they show up at the times you least expected them.

As I prepare Ryan for school I can’t help but think about the time we have had together.  The extra time spent over coming obstacles that sometimes are never over come.  Ryan taught me how to be a teacher and he taught me that all children learn differently…… I never even knew I was capable.

I am so very proud of my middle boy….so proud of what he has become in such a short 7 years.  My boy follows a diet that most adults cannot follow, a strict Gluten Free/ Dairy Free Diet and he follows it to the point that I no longer have to worry about him eating something he shouldn’t.  He completes math problems and reading pages all by himself!  He completes chores on a daily basis with no prompting from me!  My sweet boy is so loving and compassionate, he is the first person to lend a hand to someone struggling or hurting.

Ryan and his friends celebrating his 7th birthday

Ryan reminds me every day that no matter how hard things can get there is always tomorrow.  He reminds me to use tomorrow to try harder and learn from my mistakes.  If the plan I had in mind does not work, look for another plan.  I  now know life is not always easy but hard work pays off and is much more gratifying then the easy road anyway.  Right?

Family Celebrations: Singing happy birthday to Ryan on his 7th birthday

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!  This year is big and I am so looking forward to you being able to join your brothers at school.  I will miss our time together more then you will ever know.

Happy Monday!