Tomorrow we begin a new year!

A new school year and I am excited!

This is alittle late but thought I would share some tips on first day of school pictures.  They don’t always have to be on the first day you know.  For instance tomorrow I have one of those can’t change the date Doctors appts so I will not be here at the exact time they load the bus to I played around with them today and took some images of them to remember the start of yet another year of school.

4Q3B3166 copy

Have fun with the images.  They don’t always have to be taken directly in front of the door. Grab some books and have them sit on top of them.  Or paint a poster with the year and date.  All fun and creative ways to remember this Important milestone.

4Q3B3007 copy

4Q3B3214 copy

4Q3B3203 copy

I also brought a fun element into the session!  A mustache because who doesn’t love a good mustache!


Or maybe your child has a collection they are completely into right now.  Why not bring that in as well.  You want to remember those important things.  My son Patrick can not stop talking about baseball cards.  His friend Gail gave him a portion of her collection at the beginning of the summer and he has not stopped researching and learning since then so for him it was about his cards!  You want to remember those important things.

4Q3B3299 copy

4Q3B3297 copy

Or grab a hat!  You can never go wrong with a great looking hat!


The key is to have fun with it, because once the kids are having fun their true light shines!  It is so worth the time because that is what you want to remember those real-life smiles that make your heart melt.

4Q3B3340 copy


So if you weren’t able to find those smiles before school take some time on the weekend and have fun with it!  You will be so glad you did!

4Q3B3383 copy

4Q3B3402 copy

Happy Beginnings everyone!

OXOX Katie