It is hard to believe we are half way through our spring break vacation.  It seems like a lifetime now since we organized, packed, tucked and lugged 5 bags and 6 kids across the airport and into a plane to Florida.  I guess the ocean and sunshine do that to you.  They both erase the effort you had to put forth to enjoy them.  We are enjoying the moment with the thought that very soon we will be trekking across the airport again and will be back to where we started.

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4Q3B8967 copy

I have to say this has not been the smoothest trip with 2 down with the flu and that included me for 2 days but it feels good to be typing away on the porch right now in my bathing suit.  General family vacation frustrations are relieved with an ice cold beer and pretzels after a long day in the sun.  No one cares about 6:00pm exactly who stole the 12 towels my father bought for the beach.  All that matters is where we are going for dinner.  These vacations only come around once a year and so I am savoring this little bit of paradise while it lasts.

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So forgive me if I don’t have a lot of words.  I just have a whole lotta pictures of the good stuff.

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Life is a BEACH!  At least this week! tomorrow the most magical place on earth!  Disney!