Rain….most people have a love hate relationship with it.  We need it to survive but it often ruins plans and causes a lot of unexpected complications.  Sunny days are fun and invigorating for most but I have to say I love a good rainy day.  I love the smell of rain and the invitation it gives to just relax and enjoy.

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“Life isn’t about how to get out of the rain, it is about learning to dance in it.” said by I don’t know who, but a very wise person!

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We did that tonight.  We danced and played in the rain.



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I celebrated new beginnings.  I feel like we are starting a new chapter and although I feel like resisting it I know I have to embrace it.  So tonight I cleaned my slate.  I opened my mind to new possibilities.  I am ready and so are they.


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Some umbrellas just don’t make it.


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Tonight we saw a glimpse of the changing colors and the fallen leaves.  I am still missing the sand between my toes but welcoming cozy evenings in front of the fire and afternoons sipping coffee and eating fresh pumpkin bread.

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Here is to new beginnings, starting again or maybe just moving forward.  It is time.