These images represent our today, our right now, our moments.  Days and hours are ticking away and the house is a mess, but the kids are good.  We have added a new routine to our house over the past week and we are still adjusting to early morning wake ups and homework every night but we are getting there.

IMG_8974 copy

IMG_8977 copy


This girl can be found right here 100% of that time.



Life is good and full right now.  For the first time in along time I feel like we just might be on the right track for everyone. (I say that with my fingers crossed behind my back)

IMG_8979 copyIMG_8981 copyIMG_8984 copyIMG_8988 copyIMG_8991 copyIMG_8997 copyIMG_8998 copyIMG_9005 copy Happy weekend to everyone!

Here is to beautiful sunsets, family and DATE NIGHT!  Yes Please!  OXOX