We settled in this weekend for a week of celebration and family time.  It was all good…pretending to be real life “American Pickers” and rocking on our neighbors porch swing into the wee hours of the morning.  It was all good and much needed but the best part of the weekend was my best from college calling from her husbands phone and saying, :can we come a spend the night?” Um YEAH!  It sent us all in a frenzy.  Tom and I jumped up and completed projects that need to be completed days ago and we started the grill.

4Q3B9333 copy

4Q3B9313 copy

It is good stuff that spontaneity.  I love it more then anything.  Conversation is less labored and the time spent is always sweeter.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good, “I am looking forward to _____,” But I LOVE even more a, “I will be there in 3 hours.”

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The sunset showed up and it was good stuff.

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The night included a fire on the beach until late in the evening.  I hate goodbyes and miss them already but so happy we had the time we did.  It is another reminder that we need to live this life.  We need to continue to have spontaneity and appreciate the time we do have because it is always all to short.

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Here is cheers to a beautiful and memorable fourth of July!