The weather has been so interesting this year.  Freezing one day, snowing the next, and then sunshine with 50 degrees.  You never quite know what it is going to feel like when you walk out the door.  It has been kind of fun guessing.  I am all for little milder winter and for early signs of spring.  The kids pointed out the daffodils in Michigan peeking through the ground.  I am ready.  Hence the multiple trips to the grocery store and buckets of fresh flowers stashed in my cart.  There is just something about having those pretties in the house.  They smell great but they remind me of all the goodness that comes with spring and summer.

I have been organizing my photobooks and it is surprising how little I use my camera when I am not blogging.  I am not sure what the balance is.  Sometimes I feel like I am too focused on creating the perfect image that I don’t enjoy the moment but then 6 weeks later I realize how I would love to fall back into that moment through the pictures I didn’t capture.  There is no happy medium.  So I have been trying to pull that camera out just little bit more.  There is nothing I love more then my family but my pictures come in a close second.  I am so glad I have them captured because I know as the years tick by (we are entering the second quarter of 2016!) I will cherish the afternoons of flipping through those memories.

This week is super exciting for Grace and I.  We are headed to a High School In Arlington right outside Dallas TX!  I can’t wait!  We will be speaking at their annual fundraising event!  They chose to learn about, promote and fundraise for Changing the Face of Beauty so the least we could do is hop a plane and meet them all face to face at their kick off assembly.  All because a mom believed in the possibility of change in the media!  I can’t wait to wrap my arms around her.  It feels so good to be surrounded by like minded friends near and far.  Makes this big world just little bit smaller.

Want to see what the school is up to?  Watch this little kick off video the students produced.

Hambros 2016 from Timberview StuCo 2015 on Vimeo.


Hoping we return to a sunny and warmer IL.  The kids can’t get enough of the driveway and the basketball hoop.  Its time to break out, light bonfires and breath that fresh air.  Until then we keep ourselves busy.

Here is just little look at what is going on over here.


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Sunshine and flowers one day and snow the next.

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Friday afternoon shenanigans.

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This girl likes her magazines and it is my mission to make sure when she looks in there she sees someone she can relate too.

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Sunday morning walks in Michigan are our church.

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As much as that hair is in her face, I pretty much can’t get enough of it.

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All for now but check back!  I can’t wait to share our little trip to Dallas and THEN a weekend away with friends.  Hoping you all are pushing through the winter blahs.  Spring is on its way!  Well at least St Patricks Day is! OX  Katie