We went away for spring break and among the souvenirs we brought home was the word WHY.  Grace has used why about 2.5 million times a day for the last 2 weeks.  She is questioning everything as clear as day.  I tell her to put her shoes on and she says, “Why?”  I ask her to bring her plate to the sink and she says, “Why?” I tell her to put her shoes on and she says, “Why?” You get the point, right?  Everything I say and do is questioned the whole day.

I love the way it sounds.  It is clear and inquisitive.  She uses it at appropriate times but it is wearing on me.  Why? Because I am your mother and I told you so.  Hmmm.  Is that where I want to go with this every single time?  Maybe this is a wake up call to engage her in a more intimate conversation.  I have used it as an opportunity to explain why it is a good idea to wear her shoes outside.  She is asking so it is the perfect time to give her an answer she will remember. Right?

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I am spinning that word around in my head right now too.  Why?  Why does the circle of life sting so much.  Why do kids ask why?  Why do we gossip?  Why can’t we wish the best for others?  Why am I even questioning any of these things?  Why why why.  Thankfully for my family I am not asking these questions out loud.  At least most of the time.

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A friend told me recently that when life gets over whelming she shuts the computers down and focuses in on what is important.  She went on to say that she is pretty sure that 98% of what is most important in life is right in front of her and not buried in a computer or social media.  I took her advice today and I spent the day with friends.  I noticed the sky, the forest preserve, the antique store!  All things that I have missed lately.  Lunch and the conversation felt good.  I have missed the personal connection of friendships.  The real life personal connection that gets put on hold while we have make ourselves so “busy” we can’t even notice.

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I don’t like change at all.  As ironic as that is.  My heart is hurting and I am working on digging in to find peace in all the change.  I am taking those whys and I am pocketing them.  I am going to work hard to use the answers to remind myself why it is important to keep myself on track.  Keep my eye on the ball, the stuff that is really important.

OXOX Katie