My husband and I had a an interesting conversation this morning.  It started with, “Hey, Kate, I figured it out.” I answered, before I had even taken a sip of my coffee. “What have you figured out?”  He answered, “You know,  I always get put in these crazy situations.  Situations that are uncomfortable.” OK I am thinking. “God puts the opportunity or moment there for me to see and from there it is up to me what I do with it.  I just have to figure out what to do with it.”  It sparked a 30 min conversation about moments and how they are sometimes hard and catch you off guard.  The kind of moments that sometimes take the breath right out of you.  The ones that make you question why in the world you are even there.  The crazy thing is, I just had this exact conversation with a friend this week.  The same…..after all of this, why am I here and why am I unhappy here.  This cannot be where I am supposed to be.

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This girl dresses herself about 1200 times a day.  Her style is precious and she is so proud of it.

I know this is all vague but in a way doesn’t it make sense?  We are all at a certain point in our journey of life.  Why do we consistantly have  moments that make us question the future, faith in ourselves and faith in others?  I realized as I was talking to my husband that although I have come along way I continue to avoid these uncomfortable moments.  I guess it is the uneasiness that I run from.  Unfortunately I a missing out on what those moments could teach me.  What I can learn from just being there.

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So I spent the day contemplating how in the world to over come this, how to stop running.  In some ways I think it is ok to have a weakness or two that you accept as part of who you are.  On the other hand I am a mother.  I have six young kids who look up to me and watch every move I make.  I need to pass on the ability to be confident in any situation I am given.  The last thing I would ever want my kids to do is run from an opportunity to make an impact or an important moment they could learn from.

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We celebrated this boy this weekend.

So my plan is to sleep on it and search for it because there is a way.  There is a road.  It has just not been fully dusted off and sometimes there is no right or wrong answer.  I need to step back, listen, observe and be brave.  Be brave from that moment.

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I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the fall 2014 line of the Seam Collection.  This mother was inspired by a quest to give her daughter beautiful clothing no matter what her shape or size was.  She wanted her to look and feel beautiful while being comfortable with who she is.  I love that.  A mom invested in her daughters self esteem at a very young age.

The best part of this line is that you will be seeing more models of all abilities.  Models playing and wearing these gorgeous designs together, side by side.  This Mama believes in children of all abilities and promotes confidence in all of them.

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Check this line out.  It is beautifully made and most of the pieces have no seams!  So they are wonderful for children who are sensitive to clothing.  Stop by her Facebook page and let her know how much you appreciate that she is including children of all abilities in her advertising!  It is companies like this that change perceptions every day!

Happy Monday everyone! OXOX Katie