Why?  That really is a powerful question when you really think about it for a lot of reasons.  Why is the sky blue?  Why do 1 in 2 marriages fail?  Why why why? I could do on and on. I often ask myself the question why are you so obsessed with seeing a change in advertising?  Why?

I have had real conversations with my mother, and my friends.  When I am discouraged I go to them for support and they say the same thing.  Why?  What is the point.  Focus on your own daughter and sons.  The idea of change like that doesn’t seem possible and they believe in our world and carry hope that it will correct itself before their granddaughter or friend gets to the age where it matters.  Unfortunately I can not sit easy with those answers.

The funny thing is I don’t really think I  knew the magnitude of my question WHY.  My husband put me on the spot in our kitchen this morning.  He asked me why.  So I went into my 20 min synopsis of the importance of individuals having their chance to be seen.  Once they are seen our worlds eyes can be desensitized to the differences.  Blah Blah Blah.  And because it is important!

I could see his frustration boiling over.  Then lighting struck, he took a piece of chalk and wrote this.

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He turned to me and said THAT is why, Katie.

That is why…..Advertisers have the ability to show the world that people who happen to be living with a disability are capable.  Once they communicate that the only thing left would be acceptance and that is easy when you are dealing with people you believe in.

Thats it.  All I really want the world to know is that my daughter and others living with a disability are capable, because they are.

Once this happens walls come down and sensitivities are desensitized and when my daughter walks through the door 14 years from now to her first job interview the person on the other side of the door will shake her hand and encourage her to have a seat and tell him or her about what qualifies her to work in their company.

When you think about this every minority group in this country had to push their way through adversity and because of them our television represents diversity.  The only group that is regularly not seen is the community of differently abled people.  That needs to change.

That is why I do what I do and it is freeing to actually look at that diagram and understand there is a purpose.  These campaigns and letters are not about my daughter being the next top model but it is about fostering an opportunity for her future.

We need opportunity and we need major corporations to say YES, we will take the chance on you!  Times are changing and a diagnosis is no longer the definition of a future.  Anything is possible, anything!

So I will keep on keeping on and I hope all of you do to!  Map it out and define exactly what it is you are trying to say and say it.  Then say it again because sometimes it takes awhile to catch on.  I am not administering therapies and pushing education so that my daughter doesn’t have a future.  I am pushing because I move forward with hope every day that there is a future waiting for all my children.

So there you have it!





It will happen!

OXOX Katie