As part of the IDSC “Who I am” campaign I am writing a post about Grace.  My daughter and one of my best friends.

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Since Grace is only 3 years old I must write this post for her but I give her 5 years and I fully expect her to be able to write her own post.  Grace is beautiful, spunky and my copilot all the time.  She knows who needs a hug.  Her heart is open and clear.  There is no fogginess in her personality.  She is hot and she is cold.  She is shy and she is out going.  She knows exactly what she wants.

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She terrorizes my house daily.   She can climb up on top of the kitchen table in 3 seconds flat.  She can now walk but not before she spent 2 long years mastering a beautiful cross pattern crawl.  In fact she taught us what a cross pattern crawl WAS and why it was so important to her development.

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Grace talks and repeats what people say to her.  She tries to communicate her needs and sometimes she is successful.  She can break the ice by blowing the biggest kisses.

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She loves the beach and her brothers even more.  She prefers men to women all the time. She plays with babies and she knows how to be a good Mama.

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Grace is a teacher of all things good.  She says hello all the time and she waves to everyone like she has known them all her life.

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She loves a good spinach smoothie and eats better then I ever thought of.

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She is smart and continues to get smarter.

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We are so blessed to have Grace a part of our life.  We are so happy to have the direction she has given us.  She takes care of our hearts and will always be the light of our family.

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