When I was growing up I remember muttering those words.  I was 5 years old and then out came, “I want to be a circus performer.”  Yep, I wanted to travel with the carnival.  I couldn’t imagine a more glamorous life then sleeping in trailers traveling from one location to another.  I dreamed this dream for many years.  I was the butt of many jokes but I wanted it.  The sparkly outfits, the tight rope, I wanted it all.  Years passed and I started dreaming about saving the world and raising a family but the circus was never out of reach.  The funny thing is that I was and still am a great big home body.  My comfort zone is not far from my front door.  I guess that’s what dreams are for.

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Our Monday began with a mad dash to get all six kids ready  and out of the house early because it was field trip day for my 1st grader.  I was excited to be going even if I would have 3 other kids with me.  I always wanted to be the field trip mom and because of life and obligations I seem to be failing myself and my own dreams of how motherhood should look.  I jotted an email to the teacher letting her know that I would be meeting her and the class there.  Thank goodness for good teachers who care, because she immediately picked up the phone and called me to let me know that the field trip was next Monday.  Insert – That was a close one and I now have a whole day that is wide open for possibility.

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We took advantage of being prepared early and started crossing off the list.  The first stop blood test.  As we were pulling into the children’s hospital Ryan shouted from the back seat that he wanted to be the owner of a toy store when he grew up.  My response was, “Thats great Ry.  Sounds like a good job.”  Colin piped in and asked him how much money he was going to make and Ryan proceeded to tell him that it wasn’t about the money.  He wanted to sell toys to help kids.  His main purpose for opening a toy store was to support children’s hospitals.  Insert – melting Mama heart.  Seriously, I thought.  I wanted to be a circus performer when I was his age.  He wants to save the world.

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Ok, job done in my mind!  He gets what most of us never get.  A good life is doing for those who can not do for themselves.  Ryan will live a long time with that bursting heart of his.

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What will our kids be when they grow up?  Will they be happy?  Will they feel successful?  We all have these questions spinning around in our heads.  As I watched Grace contemplate the next block for her tower I asked her if she would be an architect and she smiled softly and gave me a giggle.  Will she?  I wonder?  What will interest her?

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The sky is the limit.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a funeral for a lady I did not know.  I was there capturing memories for her amazing family.  While I was there I listened to the stories of her daughters talking about what a great mother she was for many reasons but the one that stood out was that she always encouraged her children to do what ever they wanted.  She told them at any given time the sky was the limit, it didn’t matter how far fetched their dreams were.  Their words brought tears to my eyes.  What an amazing Mom.  Those stories and that moment as I was listening to them are etched in my heart.  I want to make sure that whatever my kids dream I remind them that anything is possible because it is, right?  I mean who sets the limitations?  I believe in them and believe they will be whatever they are supposed to be.  I am so happy I get a front row seat to the show.

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Here are a couple of product reviews for designers that I follow!  Here is a little about TAG and Amy & Ivor.

Graces outfits are from TAG.  They sent us a package to try out their gorgeous designs.  The clothes are made by artisans and are so soft.   I loved how they fit her so comfortably and the styles are so simple and easy to move in.  As soon as she took them out of the package she wanted to put them on.  She is a girl that changes her clothes about 15 times a day.  Today she was perfectly happy in her TAG outfit and did not ask for a change at all!  They really have great stuff for toddlers!

Her shoes are from Amy & Ivor and they are the sweetest moccasins ever!  We are so excited to start the summer off with grey and yellow but they have every color of the rainbow.

Happy Hump Day!  OXXO Katie