We are going with it…..the planning of plans.  We are just letting things happen as they happen and so far so good.  It feels good to be together.  I am so glad school is over.

IMG_7740 copy

I have quite a few projects simmering over here that I am very excited about so until the pot boils……. here is our life in pictures.

IMG_7763 copy

IMG_7764 copy

IMG_7793 copy


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Happiness is togetherness.

I am still looking for stories.  Beautiful stories of friendship, the kind of friendships are out of the box awesome!  If you have a friendship story that includes friends who define odds I want to know about them.  I dream of these friendships for all my kids.  The type of friendship where it does not matter if one person is different from the other person.  The type of friendship that celebrates each person for their own individual strengths.  Please inbox me at 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 on Facebook.  If you are local you might even get a photo session to go right along with your beautiful story!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Happy week of summer! Make memories!