I have to start by saying Wow, Wowza, Wow again!  Who would have known that one little article could travel so far.  I am so grateful to the Huffington Post and their ability to share hopes and dreams of regular people.  Tuesday was a pretty amazing day that ended with a news reporter from Fox news right here in our living room.  Who would have thought.

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I get all emotional thinking about this week.  It is not secret that I have spent a whole heck of a lot of time emailing, searching and begging for companies to include children and young adults of all abilities to be like everyone else.  This week was the first time the emails were addressed to me instead of the other way around.  It felt good.

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And to all of you who took the time to send me a text, an email or a phone call thank you!  You all make this experience so much more meaningful.  To know that you all share in the same passion makes it all that much more important and real.  I feel all the love and my cup is full.  The cool part is that this is just the beginning.  There are so many awesome moms pushing and asking the same exact question.  Our world is listening so keep doing what your doing!  Change is coming I can feel it.

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We are getting ready over here for a St Patricks Day celebration!  Parades and corn beef are in our near future!  The boys are already in green!  I say bring it!

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So after a whole lot of work this week accompanied by frozen pizza dinners.  I am signing off with a great big happy heart!  You all make this world a better place.  There are so many new projects coming your way my mind is spinning with excitement.

Slán go fóill! OXOX Katie