We are back from a weekend of beach and bonfires and we are ready to rock this last week of school.  It was our first full weekend in Michigan since spring break and it felt good to just be there.

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4Q3B1754 copy


Because Michigan for us consists of amazing neighbors and evenings spent on their front porch.

4Q3B1712 copy


and afternoons of make believe on our side porch.

4Q3B1713 copyLittle sister feels so independent going in and out that side porch door.

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4Q3B1729 copy


She fixes herself a nice make believe picnic complete with cans of coke!

4Q3B1743 copy


We had magical evenings with bon fires on the beach and fireworks.

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It was a wrap with a little morning snack with big brothers.

4Q3B1804 copy

4Q3B1807 copyNot sure what summer has in store but if it is anything like this weekend all will be just fine.