I am a non-commiter.  I generally hate committing to anything 48 hours in advance.  I like to run our plans in 24 hour increments.  I mean how am I supposed to know how my 7 people will be feeling, acting or reacting more then 24 hours in advance.  It is impossible.  Because of that I tend to wait too long, missed opportunities and our outings are not always planned out the way they would have been if I would have taken the time to schedule. But more often then not the plans turn out even better.AH3A6303 AH3A6338 copy AH3A6361 copy AH3A6364 copy

This years halloween was no different.  It was 2:00pm in the afternoon and the snow was beginning to fall.  I realized that my boys were going to trick or treat all night even if they had to cover their costumes with snow pants.  There was no way they were missing out on the candy opportunity.  Text sent to my friend and confirmation text back.  I knew strawberry shortcake would only be good for a couple of houses and I needed a warm, inviting place to wait it out.  Preferably with great food, wine and even better conversation.  So all 8 (well 9 because we had an extra) set out to get that candy.AH3A6372 copy AH3A6401 copy AH3A6402 copy AH3A6411 copy AH3A6414 copy

I appreciate my friends that are like family on nights like that.  The ones that say, “why sure you are invited and just bring yourself.”  The ones with comfy couches to relax on after lugging kids from house to house.  Feeling grateful for the good ones who never question and just say yes.AH3A6508 copy AH3A6525 copy AH3A6537 copy AH3A6548 copy

We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating fall, cooking good food and hanging out with friends.  It was one of those weekends that reminded me just how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many people who love our kids as much as we do.

AH3A6560 copy AH3A6563 copy AH3A6566 copy AH3A6569 copy AH3A6570 copy

Grace was honored with the opportunity to walk in the Monica + Andy fashion show once again this year.  She is a seasoned runway girl now, but I have to say last year went a bit smoother.

AH3A6588 copy AH3A6597 copy AH3A6603 copy

Stage fright set in and her Dad could not get ahold of her.  That girl tried to climb off the stage and stand by her brothers twice!  She made it and as always we had a blast celebrating the 1 year annversary of a fantastic children’s line designed right here in Chicago!  Graces dress was just precious! If you are interested you can find it here!

photo 3

Don’t forget to check out the Mighty Acorn and Changing the Face of Beauty auction tomorrow morning!  There are so many designer that have donated their talent to make this auction a success!  Proceeds will go to GiGi’s Playhouse Oak Forest and the Mighty Acorn!  You can check it out here!

Happy Monday!  OX  Katie