Today…..a new day.  Life has changed here.  You would never know it unless you had the pleasure of receiving a call from my husband or I.  We are committed to living an extraordinary life.  A life with no limits on happiness or anything else.  So the images below are pure happiness, they just make me smile.

We participated in a personal development program called Landmark Education.  Tom went kicking and I went scared to death.  We both came out people that are less burdened and full of possibility and the ability to see life as extraordinary.  We now know that is a possibility today, right now!

So today I am up early.  Something I have not been able to do for over a year now.  I have been going to bed at night with a clear mind and able to wake up refreshed.  I am so excited to see what this new chapter of our marriage will bring but right now I am savoring the click of the keyboard, my freshly brewed coffee sitting next to me, my babies sleeping tightly in their beds and the beautiful white snow that has covered our property.

Life is good, it is authentic and extraordinary!

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