As I type this I am sitting in the hospital waiting room waiting for my girl as she completes the last step of growth hormone testing process.  Once this MRI is complete she will be cleared to receive Growth Hormone supplements.  I have to say from the  prep room filled with toys and tumbling mats to the parade of bubbles through the double doors, she is in good hands.  I am wiping the tears of worry away and thinking about all the Mamas who sit in these hospitals day after day worrying and praying for their babies.  We are blessed that we have not been faced with major health problems and it is humbling just being her knowing there are so many Moms out there fighting for their little ones.

4Q3B9656 copy4Q3B9658 copySo the best way to pass the time while I am waiting to meet her in recovery is to talk about the wedding weekend!  My brother and his new wife and their beautiful outdoor wedding!  The families out did themselves.  They transformed the back of their property into wedding bliss only pictures can describe.  I was honored to capture their day for them because it gave me an inside view, a kind of behind the scenes experience that I would not have gotten if was was not the photographer.

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I live 3 hours from my family and because of distance and lets get real, 6 kids, I do not make it home as much as I would like.  In fact my new home has become home but there is something about being back where your roots are.  Being surrounded by people who molded you, nurtured your spirit.  It was good.

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The wedding is over and we now have the memories, the pictures and the stories.  I can’t believe my little brother is married.  He is a real “grownup” now if that is even possible. I think I will always look at him as the little boy in moon boots and a Danny Crocket hat.  I am excited for the next chapter with his wife and their son.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for them.  Life is a funny thing, there is so much uncertainty that we do not even think about it.  We move though each day certain that all will be fine and we will wake up tomorrow.  I know the two of them have what it takes to work together and create a beautiful life.

We are settling into a slower November with thanksgiving preparations and Christmas shopping to come.  I hope to be a little more hands on this year, maybe even a homemade Christmas.

Speaking of that! I wanted to share a little project I did a couple of months ago.  I created a collage on a canvas with my children’s artwork!  If you are like me and have a hard time parting with your children’s works of art check this out!  I made a digital image of all the pieces of art and arranged them on a new image in photoshop.  You can also create a coffee table book of it all as well!  It was a fun project and this represents my favorites from 2012.

kidsart2013 copy


You can create smaller ones for Christmas gifts!  Or one giant one for the Dad’s out there!  This would be gorgeous hanging in a office!  Here it is hanging in our house!

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Happy Hump day!

****note, I could not upload pictures at the hospital.  We are home and Grace is doing just perfectly!