About 7 months ago my husband and I stood in a kitchen where a family celebrated a Christmas birthday, it was a great celebration.  All the siblings near and far were there and so were their children.  The cousins…..  It was beautiful.


At the time my husband and I were trying to decide where our family vacation should be this year.  Disney was tossed around because the 7 and 5 year old have not been yet.  My vote was with Michigan and the cottage we had rented every year since Grace was born.
The decision was made that night in that kitchen.  As we stood listening to this large beautiful family talk about the wild and crazy times they had in their Michigan cottages.  One of the fathers talked about how they used to take the kids out in the dark and stage people to scare them.  The kids talked about beaches, cottages and friends.  It was family.  The definition of family and exactly where I want to be standing one day as my children are reminecing about their family vacations.  Memories….there is just no price you can put on them.

So we are off…..we are off for a week of beaches, cottages, friends and family and we can not wait.  The boys have been talking about which room they are sleeping in, the hot tub and late night smores.  I can’t wait for life to slow down and beach sunsets.  We might even be able to work in a family picture!

My hope is that when we look back on these family vacations to the beach of Michigan our children will remember all the little things that make them special.  The white sand, the late night hot tub swims, and the most amazing pie from The Whistle Stop.  I hope they remember bowling on rainy days and fishing with their Dad.  I know as I look back on the pictures from the past 2 years I am so thankful that my husband implemented this tradition.  We have pictures to take us back there and they remind us how much we have grown each year.  Life is good and our cup is full.



I have had the pleasure of photographing for 2 amazing designers!  Grace’s coat comes from One Me and her dress from KK Childrens Designs.  I think you will agree, they are gorgeous!  If you like what you see please check out their shops.  You will not be disappointed!  Christmas is coming!!!

I will be popping in and out here but you can follow are vacation on instagram 5boysand1girlmake6.

Have a fantastic week, make memories and don’t forget to capture them. OXOXO