Well a whole “lotta” writers block over here!  and a whole “lotta” living in the moment.  This December has had its ups and horrible downs for a lot of people I know.  It is crazy how it takes moments like that to kick start our hearts again and remind us what is really important.  I heard it loud and clear and some how blogging has taken a backseat to my priorities lately.

I have been spending my afternoons preparing gingerbread for our gingerbread decorating party on Sunday and playing on the floor with my 2 littlest kiddies.  This week is evaluation week for 4 of my kids and that always takes a lot out of me.  The anxiety I have every 3 months of “I could have done a better job” just takes over.  Not sure why this happens over and over but it does and I always walk away from those meetings motivated and re-energized to push for more progress this next quarter.  I am so thankful for the support I have on my team and empathize for the parents who walk away from evaluations frustrated and deflated.  This job of parenting is hard and we are all doing the best we can.


So tonight I have my amazing husband waiting for me in front of a beautiful fire with a glass of wine!  The kids are almost all in bed and I look forward to enjoying it with him!  More later, but for now……well some ideas are stirring around and I look forward to sharing them with you very soon!

An early birthday gift for Gracie from Grandma and Grandpa Beetzel.  Girlfriend is so excited to finally see the top of the counter!  Let the baking begin!

Our family is looking forward to the mini family sessions at a local tree stand that I am doing for families that go the extra mile for others!  I can not WAIT to meet these families.  The faces behind the beautiful stories!  This is a fantastic way for us to begin the last week before Christmas!

Please do not forget about Jonathon.  He is needing a forever family and his caseworker is currently accepting gifts on his behalf.  You can get all the details on 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 on Facebook and please hit the follow button to follow all the updates on him as well as Noah.  I can not wait till the day comes that they are both loved by families that need them as must as they need a family.

Happy Day!