Today the snow fell for the first time.  It looks like a couple of inches but to be honest when we looked up and saw the rain had turned to big fluffy flakes we ran to the door grabbed our boots and out we went.  Coat or not we all wanted to feel the fresh falling snow.


It is so magical, that snow falling from the  clouds.  It makes you believe in a world that is bigger then you will ever be! Magic….is just the best way to describe it.

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I said yesterday that I was going to announce some exciting news from Tori Spelling!  Well that news is still coming but like any thing that is good it needed some tweaking and she is a busy lady with a book release and those 4 beautiful kiddos!  So all good things are worth the wait and I promise it won’t be long!

4Q3B5484 copyI wanted to take the time to thank some of the most important people in our country.  The ones that fought for the freedom of my family as well as all the other families in our country.  Thank you for always keeping us safe. Some how thank you just does not even begin to communicate how lucky we are to  have all of you.  Happy Veterans Day.