This week has flown by.  TGIF and time to slow down.  I spent my week looking at a whole lot of beautiful faces just like this guy!

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Gorgeous almond eyes!  My favorite kind.  I have been at GiGi’s Playhouse capturing these gorgeous kids for their 2014-15 calendar.  I am so excited about this project for many reasons.  I am stretching myself.  I have adored the Playhouse imagery since Grace was born and now my work will be a part of it.  I feel a little more “grown up”!  Nerves have subsided and I am drinking in the creativity that happens there on a daily basis.

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Nancy and GiGi the founders of GiGi’s Playhouse are so energetic.  They light up the room.  It continues to be a pleasure to watch the playhouse work.  It started with a dream and look where they are now.  16 playhouses around the country and 6 more opening this year!  Cities everywhere that want to capture her dream and share it in their own communities.  Pretty amazing and proud to be a small part of it.


Meanwhile at home I have the most amazing friend Mollie helping with the kids.  She makes this time away so easy.  I am missing my kids and hoping to make up for some of the time lost this weekend.  It is hard being away but I know it is good time for us all to grow and spread our wings.

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I have to close with this fantastic speech that was sent to me by a friend, who happens to be a friend of this young man.  It came at the perfect time.   I was just discussing how self doubt and fear paralyze me all the time.  This student goes on to say “Doubt, as has been observed, kills more dreams than failure ever will. Yet if doubt were to be a disease, its cure would be confidence.”  Pretty profound for a young man.  His speech is worth your time, I promise.  I can not wait to see the foot print he leaves on this earth.

TGIF friends!  More to come this weekend! OX