So here I sit this evening with my baby girl on my lap watching the letters post to the screen because she is still not 100%, unfortunately not even close.  So we are on day 12 of the stomach bug and it is cramping our style.  She has good days and then more bad so to the doctor we will go and hopefully we can get to the bottom of why we can’t shake this.  In the mean time I have tried and enjoy this time together on the couch and at home.  It is close to 3 weeks now so I am going a bit stir crazy, mind wandering and itching to get this year started.


In the midst of cleaning sheets and rocking babies to sleep my thoughts keep me motivated.   As I enter my second year of growing my photography business and I have a bit of a guilty conscious.  My husband could not be happier.  He has always encouraged me to do something that makes me happy, lights a fire in my belly and all the good stuff.  That is a new concept for me because in the past I have always held jobs to make money.  I did the jobs specifically to get the paycheck at the end of the week and anything outside of the paycheck was gravy, not expected.  When I received word that my company would be laying off my position just over a year ago I went into over drive trying to decide what my next move would be. I decided to go with my heart instead of my mind and that is how I landed here.  It was not an easy decision…..actually a very scary one but one I will never regret.


As my husband and I drove to dinner on Saturday night I expressed my worries about 2013.  The questions I have in my mind and the insecurities I have about the right and wrong way to run a business.  He listened like he always does and then turned to me and said, “Kate, I did not become a lawyer over night.” ” I didn’t decide one day to be a lawyer and then walk into court the next day.  I had to go to school.  I had to invest in my skill and my dream.”  Wow, am I ever thankful for him.  The understanding, wisdom and the patience he has for me never sways.  Pure clarity came right then and there.  He told he it is ok with me investing in myself.  It is funny that the concept is so foreign.  He reminded me that it is ok to dream and it is ok to reach for those dreams.  So I look at my business differently now.  I don’t feel guilty when I invest my time, our money and heart into something I love.  Thanks Honey!

So invest I will continue to gladly do…..I had the same conversation with my Cousin.  I gave her the same pep talk.  I love when clarity is just handed to me on a silver platter.  I wish all the answers would come that way.

I hope my girl will be on the up and up tomorrow!  I hope we can dive into some 2013 projects that are in the back of my mind.  I have some unbelievable sponsors coming up that I can not wait to share with you and don’t forget I hope to have another child who needs a loving home this Friday!

Happy Monday Everyone! OXOX