Not a lot to say but so much to say, one of those days.  I am looking forward to celebrating my 8 year old this weekend and my 12 year old next weekend.  So for now just a little this and that.  Small moments that I capture and then miss a short time later.

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Some exciting things coming up!  Tomorrow I will spend Valentines Day with the staff at Hugs and Mugs.  They employ young adults who happen to have Down syndrome!  It is a pretty awesome space and I am super excited to see how everything works over there and capture the staff in action!  I will be sure to share them all with you!  Pop over to their Facebook page and “like” them!  Follow their journey and specials!

Additionally I am capturing some gorgeous faces for The Seam Collection and I can not EVEN wait to share them with you next week!

Cheers to a beautiful weekend! I am so looking forward to spending some down time with my family!

I had to share this amazing article with you!  This is Fashion Week in New York and designers decided to use models of all abilities on the runway.  Times are changing!  They really are!  Read about the runway debut here!  Don’t forget to check out the Raw Beauty Project.  Photographers are taking images of people who happen to have a disability showing their raw beauty.  Imagery, the STRONGEST form of communication!  This is how perceptions change.

On that note friends! Happy Friday! OXOXO Katie