I have been thinking a lot about what makes this world spin.  What gets me excited and makes me look forward to another day. Creativity is definitely at the top of the list and not always my own.  I love to savor and analyze others creative ideas.  Think about what their designs communicate to others.  Art in all forms is amazing and mesmerizing to me, to submerge myself in it makes me happy.

My creative brain is still maturing in a lot of areas.  My career and my every day life.  I question myself all the time…..what do I want my life to say and how do I want people to feel when they view my images.  I have not fully answered either of those questions.  Not sure I ever will know with complete confidence and so I am letting my thoughts mold the days.  I am doing the ol “go with it”!  It will be beautiful, my beautiful.


There are days I am smacked in the forehead and woken from the doldrums with a spark creativity or questions.  Over the past couple weeks I have shared with you only a couple of the thousands of orphans we have in this country.  Children in our Child and Family Services system that happen to have a disability.  I have watched hundreds of people rally, share and encourage families to take the next step in the adoption process.  I have a number of photographers that have stepped up to photograph these children if I do not feel the pictures tell their story correctly.   It paints a picture of pure beauty.

I have a dear friend coming to visit me tomorrow.  A friend that I met over 13 years ago when she and I were waitress’s at Comesky Park. Yep, 13 years ago we were young, single and great friends.  Life moved forward for both of us and fast forward to October of this past year my friend showed up for my girl at the Buddy Walk!  Showed up to show her support and to high five me like not a second had pasted since our last visit.  Aren’t friendships amazing?  Life happens and we have no control over that but keeping our friends close to us, even if it is only in our hearts, that is a choice.  I am so thankful for our friendship.  Coffee with a girlfriend honestly sends me over the edge.  It is special….every cup…..every conversation.

I hope in some way I support my children’s creative side.  I hope they can recognize beauty at an early age.  It just makes the day better.  It gives us something to look forward to and for them I want them to enjoy every day….every step instead of wishing time to pass.  If they are able to recognize that every moment is a gift, something special they won’t look back on their life and say “shoulda, coulda, woulda” because they did it.  They enjoyed it and they savored their creativity and the art of a beautiful life!

I can’t wait to share with you some exciting happenings over at Changing the Face of Beauty this week and feature yet another amazing little boy who needs a forever family so don’t forget to check in tomorrow!

Here is to a beautiful Friday! OXOX