I mean it when I say Tat’s, I am talking about the good ones.  The ones that won’t wash off.  We are on day 6 and they are going strong.  They stand for a 4th of July well done.  It is a tradition.  Our neighbor Sue has a line 5 kids deep for at least an hour.  She has it down to a science.  Wet, place and wet again.  Do a little arm dance and walla a beautiful tattoo that will last days, maybe even weeks.


So we are relishing in the last reminders of a great holiday weekend and loving on our babies.  I could watch this girl play Mama for hours.  She is a good one too.  Minus the whiplash that babe might get when  she/he flies backward off of her shoulders, but she loves them.  She talkes to them, kisses them and cares for them.

4Q3B0940 copy 4Q3B0946 copy 4Q3B0944 copy

So I am sharing the goodness from this past week in pictures.

4Q3B0910 copy

4Q3B0919 copy

Someone learned to ride his bike.  

4Q3B0928 copy 4Q3B0926 copyDaddy hugs.

4Q3B0921 copyFriends.

4Q3B0932Moral puppy support.

4Q3B0955 copyKitchen dances.

4Q3B0964 copy 4Q3B0966 copy 4Q3B0969 copy 4Q3B0970 copy 4Q3B0990 copySplash pads.

4Q3B0994 copy 4Q3B0996 copyHome.

4Q3B1013 copy 4Q3B1026 copy 4Q3B1032 copy


More water fun.

Good memories.  As we move into the second half of the summer the anxiety of what the next year of school will bring is also creeping in.  I have had lots of worries lately.  Trying to find a place for all of it.  Ahhh the ebb and flow of parenthood.  It is hard.  Really hard.

TGIF folks!  We are off to a very special golf outing tomorrow afternoon, honoring our nephew Brayden Powell.  He was only with us a short time but he remains in our hearts every day! Tomorrow we celebrate him! OX Katie