Things are behind here at our house, we just returned from a weekend in Michigan…..there is a new project, an exciting project and it is eating up our creative brain cells.  Grandpa (AKA my Dad) bought a cottage in Michigan and we are all doing the happy dance daily because of it.  There is a lot of work ahead but we are excited!  Best part is that he is letting me decorate and well….. decorating gets my blood pumping.  I have been a pinterest looking, magazine buyin wild women!  The famous Modie Lavin (AKA color/decorator rock star as well is my most favorite artist) is along for the ride!  You can see her work here and like her page to keep up with what she has going on.  You will not be disappointed!!!!

I will be sharing before and after pictures as they become available and you will be seeing alot more pictures of these 2!


….and Blakes Grandpa because lets just say they are our neighbors in Michigan! Fun fun fun to come!

Today I am SOOO very excited to share with you the one and only Dolores Cortés U.S.A   who made a marketing decision that caught the advertising world by storm  This sweet little girl influenced our worlds media by showing them that everyone is beautiful and everyone should be included.

I caught up with Monica Hillman of Dolores Cortés U.S.A,  she is the distributor of the Dolores Cortés swimsuits in the U.S.  I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!

1/ What made you decide to include a child with special needs in your advertising campaign?

I thought by introducing Valentina into our DC Kids campaign it would help my close friends who have been touched by Down syndrome. I have been exposed over the recent years to a family who has been affected by Down syndrome and I felt that further public exposure would help the cause. I give the GLORY TO GOD for what he has been doing through and in this campaign.

2/ How did you find your beautiful model?

I was in the process of introducing a New Dolores Cortés line in USA, DC Kids. I have a friend who happens to be Cecilliz’s mother. One day I saw some beautiful pictures of her grand daughter who is the wonderful Valentina.  I was taken by her beauty, joy and smile. Valentina has Down syndrome and I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce Valentina on the cover of our Dolores Cortés Kids Catalogue in USA.  She deserves the same opportunities as everyone else.

3/ What type of publicity has your company received since your advertising campaign has been launched?

We have received a lot of interest in Valentina’s story. Anywhere from magazines over seas, to news shows, and even top websites featuring her story. Some of our latest U.S. press includes People Magazine,, ABC, New York Magazine, Down Syndrome Centre, The Today Show, and many more. Valentina’s story has also reached over 15 countries and is still receiving more publicity as the days go on.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to help the Down syndrome community. It is such a blessing to be able to reach out and help such a great cause. We believe that everyone in this world deserves the same opportunities as the next person. By featuring Valentina in our DC Kids Collection we hope to change the current perception of Down syndrome and show the world that inner beauty exists in everyone and we hope to contribute to change  perception in the Fashion Industry.



4/ What are your plans for future advertising campaigns? Will you continue to include special needs children in your advertising?

Honestly I have enjoyed this so much.  Seeing the pictures of Valentina smiling is worth it enough for me. I believe giving similar children the same opportunity will definitely be something I will look into after everything happens this upcoming year. We will just have to wait and see what the future brings us and what God wants us to do next.

5/ How do we purchase swim wear from the Dolores Cortes line?

Dolores Cortés has been a very famous wide selling brand name in Europe for years now. We have recently just launched our U.S. campaign and were featured in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show this year. We are in the process of distributing swimwear to sellers for the upcoming 2013 year. We hope by the beginning of the year it will be widespread enough to buy the Dolores Cortés swimwear easily. A 10% portion of our DC Kids sales will go directly to the Down Syndrome Association of Miami.

Some of our swimsuit lines we are introducing are the DC Kids 2013 swimwear (Valentina’s favorite), Dolores Cortés 2013 swimwear, Dolores Cortés Runway Collection.

6/ How do you think this advertising campaign has changed the way people view special needs children?

I hope that this campaign will show the world that everyone is special in his or her own way and that we all have an inner beauty to show the world. I believe that this has positively impacted the Down syndrome community and children with special needs across the globe.  We hope it will continue to do so. Children and people with Down syndrome are very important and valuable people.  They are a blessing to us and I believe that is something that this campaign has helped push.

Special thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this campaign!

A huge thanks to Ceciliz Elizalde TV Host and Producer of a national music program, her husband Fernando Guerrero and Valentina’s parents.  Without them this campaign would not be possible.

Alexa Dias Marketing Consultant thanks for her unconditional support every step of the way.

Thomas Bollinger Photography for his Great contribution with fantastic pictures of Valentina.  He really captured her inner beauty.

To keep up with this designer you can check out their new Facebook page. – Dolores Cortés U.S.A.

I would like to send a thank you to you Monica for believing in Valentina and our children!  Your decision to include this beautiful baby girl in your advertising gives me hope for the inclusion of everyone in advertising and for our campaign “Changing the Face of Beauty”.  Thank you!

I have been printing canvas’s like a busy bee, should there be a gallery showing?? HMMMM…..

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Happy Happy Monday all….be inspired by people like Oscar Pistorious “Having a disability does not have to be a disadvantage”  That my friends is pure awesomeness!!!