This morning we are good.  We are relaxed, unwound and tired….all because of THIS weekend.  I am not going to lie we started the first half of our weekend wound UP, stressed out and over booked.  About half way through the morning on Saturday I made a decision to drop it all and head east.  So I jumped in the shower, shared my plans and 3 out of the 6 kids were in the car and ready.  I grabbed random clothes and pjs and we were out the door.

As we stopped off at the store to pick up food I felt my shoulders relax and the tension that was there as I pulled out of the driveway was gone.  It was rainy.  It was not the weekend I had hoped for but I was determined to make it good.

We did a U turn into the Bookstore and the 2 oldest found books to keep them busy and I found the perfect magazines for a lazy afternoon on the couch.  As I followed Grace through the stacks of books the second half of my family walked in.  All was good.  We were all together.

IMG_7673 copy

As we pulled into the cottage the kids jumped out of the car and ran down the street to say hi to friends we had not seen since October.  Drinks were passed out and the night began.  These 2 were reunited….the stars were perfect.

IMG_7656 copy


IMG_7687 copy


We caught up and the best part of the whole night was the reminder of the 2 sweet little souls that brought our families together.  If it weren’t for these 2 amazing kids we would not have been there and for that we all could not be more grateful.

The beach was beautiful.  There was no rain only the sun shining brightly.  All was perfect.

IMG_7622 copy

IMG_7618 copy


IMG_7636 copy


IMG_7652 copy

IMG_7640 copy


IMG_7632 copy

As we drove home that night to prepare for friends and family the next day our cups were full.  The seats were covered in sand and the kids had pink cheeks from the day at the beach.  Summer is here.

IMG_7646 copy

IMG_7627 copy


Yesterday our home filled with so many friends.  Friends we had not seen in years and new friends we are just getting to know.  It was beautiful.  The weather was not what we expected but in a way it was perfect.  Kids were off and most you did not see till the end of the night.  Summer is here, the kick off is over and it is time to take it in.

IMG_7693 copy


IMG_7717 copy


IMG_7724 copy

IMG_7728 copy

Here is to many more beach days followed by sunsets at night.  Here is to sandy toes and evening campfires.  I can’t WAIT!

*****Michigan families – I will be in Lakeside, Michigan again this coming weekend and available for some photography sessions if you are looking for beach or outdoor images.  You can contact me here or here.