We are back home tonight.  Lawn is mowed and babies are tucked in.  I am not liking Sunday this week.  I feel like the weekend was cut short, not sure but I think someone stole like 12 hours of my Saturday.  It is unaccounted for and I want it back.  Although it is nice to be home where routine is part of everyday.  I have made some personal decisions this weekend as I was contemplating why my shorts do not fit like they did last year.  It is time to spend time on me personally.  I need to get back to taking care of myself.  It was kind of a wake up call that the body can not continue to work on empty you have to take time out to breath, move and fuel up with the good stuff not just the easy stuff.

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So it was 1-800 neighbor to the rescue and I have a date with my tennis shoes and a Mommy friend down the street.  I was hoping to loose 10 pounds by Thursday but she told be not possible! So I will start small.  I can not wait!

IMG_8194 copy

IMG_8198 copy


IMG_8212 copy

So here is our weekend in pictures…..

Remembering our nephew Brayden.

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4Q3B0112 copy


4Q3B0132 copy


Contemplating plans for our vacation.




IMG_8192 copy 2


Flowers, lots and lots of flowers.


IMG_8215 copy


IMG_8221 copy


Friends, lots of them.


IMG_8242 copy

IMG_8238 copy

IMG_8244 copy

So I guess Sundays are not that bad they give us the opportunity to look forward to the week and weekend ahead!  Looking ahead is good stuff, almost as good as being in the moment.

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Happy Monday friends! OXOXO