Spring Break Fun….

The week is coming to an end and I am satisfied.  I am satisfied that we got as much as we possibly could out of the 1 week of vacation with the kiddos.  We spent the time together and well that just equals happiness!

Here is our week in pictures!



Family spring break: Liam doing the happy dance

Family spring break: Evening bonfire



Grandpa's family farm: Visiting the horses

Grandpa's family farm: Visiting the horses


Grandpa's family farm: Visiting the horses

Grandpa's Farm: Riding on Tractor


Grandpas farm: Riding a horse



Chocolate covered peeps


Ryan making chocolate covered peeps


Kids petting sheep at cousin's sheep farm


Cousin's family sheep farm: spent time with sheep

Kids played at family sheep farm

AND OUR HENS ARE HERE!  Names coming soon!

Our new hens for backyard chickens

Liam and the hen: Backyard chickens

Loving our new backyard chickens

Can not even wait for Easter Sunday.  I am even looking forward to cleaning my house tomorrow because family is coming, lots of family. Nothing better then a full house and a full house on a holiday sends me over the moon.

Happy Easter Everyone!  May God bless you and your family.


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