As I type tonight I can not believe it is already 10:30pm.  The day flew, it always does on the bump forward day.  It almost feels like it wasn’t a day at all.  It becomes jumbled up from the moment I look over at the clock and see 7:30am and then I realize that it is 8:30am.  At that moment I felt like the day was already over.

 photo 4Q3B3368.jpg

 photo 4Q3B3209.jpg

 photo 4Q3B3251.jpg

 photo 4Q3B3152.jpg

 photo 4Q3B3271.jpg


My studio was completed this weekend and that room just makes me smile the big cheesy smile.  It is so warm and full of light in there that I have to pinch myself.  The schedule is filling up and I am looking forward to capturing some amazing memories in that room for my family and for my clients.


 photo 4Q3B3393.jpg

 photo 4Q3B3350.jpg

 photo 4Q3B3341.jpg

I wish everyone a very Happy St Patricks Day!  I hope you all do it up with green eggs and ham or a big stack of green pancakes!  Just for fun!  Let the kid out and soak it up.