This past week is being replayed in my head over and over.  From the weekend away with my family to the red eye to New York with my best friend and daughter.  The anxiety, nerves and excitement all balled into one.  Our time in the big apple was nothing less then awesome.  We walked the city hitting all the hot spots including Central Park and Times Square.  I will never forget it.

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The amount of support and love I felt was limitless.  It felt so good to know there were so many people at home just as excited as we were.  The staff at The Today Show are top notch.  They took care of everything.  As we walked through the doors the whole Today Show team was standing there and greeted Grace like they were old friends.  To think this  girl found her way to NBC at 4 years old.

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I have spent the last couple days processing everything and I am still not done.  What I did see was a whole lot of people that believe in people of all abilities.  They want to see change and they actually think it is possible.

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So we flew home and I have been entrenched in every day motherhood since and that is exactly where I want to be.  Washing the kitchen floor and cooking dinner are the things I want to do most right now.  I missed my family and the comfort of my own home.  It is funny I am so glad that trip happened but so happy it is over.  Does that even make sense?  So today was art by the pond. Except it rained 3 seconds after we sat down so it turned into art in the car.

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“Mom, sometimes looking out the window makes me sad because all the roads are taking up the place where grass used to grow.” – Ryan

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Tomorrow is Friday and I plan to spend our time at the baseball field and in front of the fireplace.  Maybe a batch of brownies are in order.  I think gratitude makes a person happy exactly where they are and my gratitude is over flowing.

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Happy May Day friends! OX Katie