Ahhh, I have been working like crazy this week to get my studio back into gear after a little hiatus over the summer!  Cleaning, rearranging, building, painting….I am still not done but in a much better place then I was at the beginning of this week.  I have some great projects both for Changing the Face of Beauty and commercial clients coming up in the next couple weeks that I am super excited about!  So that requires a whole lot of creative thinking, shopping and creating!  All stuff I love!  So took advantage of the time so that I  can feel like I am ahead of the game instead of trailing behind!

AH3A2470 copy

I currently have an over abundance of product that needs to be stored carefully.  I had boxes stacked all over my desk and I wanted to feel just a little more professional then that.  Earlier this week I was driving to Target to pick up a rack.  One of those plastic things that if you touch it the wrong way it falls over.  You know what I am talking about right?  those.

Anyway I remembered my love for galvanized pipe and did a u-turn, like right in my tracks and hit the home improvement store!  2 trips later, a little paint and wheels, I have the perfect vintage rack for all the designs that come my way.  I absolutely love it and I am already thinking of other “pipe projects” I am going to have to dive into.  Have you seen the pinterest page?  You can do anything with galvanized pipe!

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We are traveling this weekend but look out for us Tuesday as we will be in Chicago at the Open Books Bookstor again for the sweetest back to school shoot eva!  I have a fantastic group of models.  Everyone will see exactly how awesome children of all abilities are together! Because all kids are excited about returning to school right?

A huge shout out to SEAM Collection, RUUM, TEA Collection and Chooze Shoes for partnering with myself and sharing the message to #beuramazingself this 2014 school year.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Mom, Dad, Teacher, Grandparent or child of ANY ability.  We are all anxious about the first day of school.  We are out there in stores buying new tennis shoes, book bags and the first day back outfit.  Why shouldn’t every child be able to relate to ads in the sunday paper.  Every child has a wish list, things circled that they would like on their back to school list.  Shouldn’t everyone be represented?  I sure think so and that is why I plan to rock out this shoot and show the world the way our back to school ads should look!  Send me some good vibes!

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You can follow the shoot on Instagram live at 5boysand1girlmake6.  Hope to hear from you all!  I plan to be back this weekend with a great give away! Stay tuned!

Happy Thursday everyone, it just so happens to be my favorite day of the week! OX