So I am well aware that almost every parenting book out there says, ” Your children do better when on a schedule.”  I do my best to keep one but this morning…. lets just say I got side tracked with a good idea.  That good idea had nothing to do with the house that needed to be picked up and the children that needed to taught. So insert – off schedule.

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We salvaged the day by a good ol bribe and some faith that everything would get done and it did.

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Tomorrow the schedule will be kept.  Lesson learned….here is just a little bit of what has been going on over here the last couple days.


4Q3B3987 copyYesterday I baked cookies to honor a pretty important young women, Maura.  You can read her story on Kelle Hamptons blog and why yesterday was so important to so many people.  It was cold so I could not make it out to pay it forward in a proper way but I decided that my kids deserved a little extra love and kindness.  I made cookies with them and for them and I did that in honor of Maura.  If you have a moment search the hashtag #HonoringMaura on instagram and see all the other people who did that same.  The ripple effect is pretty amazing!  Feel free to participate.  It doesn’t need to stop!  Her family I am sure would love to see people continue on in the act of kindness for such a special person.

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I love Thursdays for many reasons but they really are my favorite.

OXOX Katie