I woke up yesterday to my boys pacing around asking for play dates and water parks and anything else they could possibly think of.

“Really?” I thought.  We just got back from a trip and we are moving into the 4th of July festivities in Michigan.  Can’t we just relax?

Not happening.  So I sifted through the rolodex for ideas safely filed in my head of places I want to take my kids.  Freddy’s Pizza it is!  Dress the kids and out the door we went for a “lunch date”.  Well who would know there is a Freddie’s Pizza and a Freddy’s Pizza in Chicago?  Really? Isn’t there a law against that.  We visited both and after ordering at the Freddie’s with an i.e. I realized that we wanted to be at the Freddy’s with a y’s.  This is not unusual for me.  My field trip/lunch dates often take a turn for the worse.  I questioned myself as to why in the world I would truck 6 kids to the city for lunch.  I could pull right through the drive through and picnic at the park 2 blocks from my house, they would be just as happy.  I have to make memories I tell myself.  Well those memories come with a cost to my sanity every single time.



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After eating our lunch I announced not to fret!  We would be traveling to the Freddy’s with a y’s for gelato.  Off we went.  45 mins in bumper to bumper traffic because it is now 3:45pm on Friday, the weekend before the 4th.  Lets just say everyone was going somewhere.  That did not detour me.  Memories to be made and gelato to be had.

4Q3B0151 copy

We found Freddy’s with the y’s and as we filed in the tiny deli I read the sign “cash only” REALLY?

We filed out and walked 2 blocks down the street to the cash station. All 7 of us.  Exhausted reading this?  At this point I am questioning what the h*** I am doing.  I mean really Katie, you have to push yourself to the limit every single time.

We ended our afternoon in their opened air garden enjoying our gelato and I must say it is THE BEST GELATO I have ever had.  The kids licked the bowl.  It is a taste of Italy and if I was not over stressed and at the brink of loosing my mind I would have investigated the beautiful display of food.  We will be back and I will make note of the difference in the i.e.’s and the y’s and make the right move next time.4Q3B0170 copy

Even with all the frustration I am always glad I do stick my neck out for these kids, all 6 of them.  Growing up my parents took us to interesting places and I remember complaining about the heat and anything else I could think about complaining about but what I remember is, I was there.  I did that.  I hope my children remember the same.


The rest of our week through my lens.

4Q3B0131 copy


Afternoons on the porch.

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Excursions to explore with my 2 youngest.  Their friendship makes me smile and I hope it continues to grow.

4Q3B0128 copy

New book ideas from my sister (the teacher) – Score!


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A summer evening celebrating this guy and his baseball career.


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Happiest weekend!  More memories in the making.

OX Katie