We are coming off of a weekend that was very up and down.  Some life events happened that once again smacked us in the face and reminded us to pay attention.  I had to explain what it means to loose someone to my kids and I am really getting tired of that speech.  It is so hard for my kids to understand and makes the future seem scary for them and that is not what I want them to move forward with.  I am sure I am screwing up that definition because at the end of the day it just sucks.  There is nothing easy about loosing someone you know, period.

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I understand it is life but it still remains difficult to get the here right now and gone tomorrow.  I find myself rewinding and replaying the last days and questioning why I did not know or how could I have not been paying attention, again.

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These are teaching and of course growing moments for all of us but they are hard.  No way around it.

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I was invited by a friend to attend the GiGi’s Playhouse, Inc  I have a Voice Gala.  I am constantly impressed by the mission as well as what GiGi’s Playhouse stands for.  They are achievement centers to help children and adults with Down Syndrome achieve the highest potential.  They continue to show the world through their message and imagery that the lives of these individuals are valuable as well as capable.

Can you believe I would show up to such an amazing event with my camera and no photo card.  Yes, that was me last night.  No card for my camera.  So outside of a couple Iphone photos I just have my memories.  I was reminded again that anything is possible for anyone but especially for Grace and her friends living with Down syndrome.  The sky is the limit.  Here is a little video explaining who they are and where they are going.  It is worth a watch.

Last night when I got home I couldn’t sleep.  So many things rolling around in my head.  I was trying to find compartments for each thought with no success.  The feelings of gratitude were over flowing for such a wonderful community surrounding all our children.  Instead of fighting it I crawled in bed with my girl.  I just needed to be next to her because if it were not for her we would not have these amazing people in our life.  I hope she knows some day just how much she changed our lives.

So this afternoon we are settling in for the Oscars.  I am tried and happy to be surrounded by my family.  The red carpet pre-show has already started and I have a couch and some sweat pants waiting form me.

Happiest Sunday to all of you!  Make it special.