We are wrapping up Spring Break here and this Mama is tired.  I am not going to lie, I am completely exhausted and out of ideas.  This weekend will be interesting because I kinda got nothin.  I always find myself loving on the anticipation of something and a little disappointed as the event actually goes down.

4Q3B5053 copy4Q3B5072I love when my kids are home.  I really look forward to no schedules and time just hanging out together.  I know when my kids look back on spring break they will remember all the good times but right now I am feeling a bit like a failure.




The week was great, really.  We bowled, ran in the sand, saw a movie, played arcade games and visited Grandpa on his farm!  What more do you want right?  Well I wish I could say we all got along the whole time.  Not so much…..The older kids got frustrated with the younger kids and the younger kids well they made it their mission to drive the older kids crazy.  Yep…that is how it went down and I was often the meanest Mom in the world. There it is the TRUTH!


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Sometimes the truth hurts and it bothers me to the point of frustration but I believe God gives you things you need when you need them.  As I was running along on the treadmill yesterday morning a Mom, a blogger appeared on the Today show.  She wrote a book, “Everything is perfect, When you are a liar” by Kelly Oxford!  How crazy is that?  How many of us walk around with the everything is fine….better then fine attitude.  That would be me most of the time.  Not today.  Nope….today I am going to be real, spring break was good but it was not great and I am freaking out about summer! YEP! I said it. I have no idea how I am going to get through a productive summer with all 6 kiddos home.  A summer that we can look back and say we loved.

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Am I giving up? Nope…I will never give up.  I will keep trying and I will succeed some days and absolutely fail others.  I am so glad it is friday! I missed my husband and I am so glad that he is here for the next two days.  He some how makes everything better and all of us happier! TGIF!