I scrolled through my Instagram feed over coffee this morning only to learn that an amazing women passed away.  They are calling her #PhenomenalWoman and that is a much deserved title.  Maya Angelou spoke, wrote and lived with a tremendous amount of grace.  She gave her wisdom freely to anyone who reached for it.  Her words and teachings are ageless and will continue to change perceptions, hearts and minds long after today.



How profound these words are.  Something I try and mold my own life around.  How do I make the people around me feel?  I hope cared for, special and needed.  I know I am not always successful.  I am a work in progress but I feel like it is attainable and when I fall these words will continue to remind me to get back up.  Try again.  Live better.

This weekend I had some of the cutest faces drive across state lines to be a part of a little product review I did for Tea Collection.  We had so much fun in the sand, playing around in their Moroccan inspired spring designs.  Their line is so fresh and easy to wear regardless of size or age.

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I like to share my experiences during the shoot to help you all see a little behind the scenes  happenings as well as get a feel for just how easy it is to include models of all abilities.  Kids are amazing and they really do blossom where ever you put them and that is exactly what happened on our beautiful beach Saturday morning.


Tea from katie driscoll on Vimeo.

OX Katie