It has been a whole lot of crickets over here.  I apologize for that.  We are breaking for the end of winter and I am madly organizing and putting life in order.  It is time to come out of the nice warm cocoon we have been living in.  Before I will allow myself to fully step out I had to cross some tasks off my list and so I have forced myself to really focus on taking care of things.

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It always feels great to get jobs done.  Especially when it comes to make decisions for our future and put them in a document so that our kids are taken care of.  We finished a 6 month process of taking care of our will.  Those conversations are not easy.  I found that getting off the first sentence was difficult, but we did it.  We chose and chose a back up and another backup to hopefully in the midst of all those people our kids will be surrounded by people that love them if we are not here.  Not at the top of my list of things to do but with 6 kids it should have been done along time ago.  Its official we have end of life plans.  That is itself is now something that feels a little more comfortable.

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So with that being said I am back.  I am hoping to start spending more time with my camera.  My first creative love.  It is like getting back on a bike when you have not used it professionally for awhile.  Time to take time to find space in my mind.  I miss spending time with clients and working with commercial accounts.  I have been pulled in other directions and I have decided I need to be present with my creative self. I am realizing how closely that correlates with my personal happiness.

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This is all just in time for all the new beginnings that spring brings.  Green Shamrocks here we come!


I am super excited about a couple t-shirt designs I made for Changing the Face of Beauty.  I just love them!  Shamrocks and hearts are like the perfect marriage, right?  You can get yours here.  While you are over there make sure to check out the 60 companies globally committed to changing the face of beauty.  It is a beautiful thing to see some many companies come together for on common goal to create imagery that includes everyone.  It is a dream come true.

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Looking forward to celebrating the newness of spring with all of you!

OXO Katie