We are 3 days into 2014 and it still feels like the beginning.  We are in a time warp here in Michigan.  We are surrounded by a foot (or more) of snow and settling in for freezing temperatures.  All the more reason to hunker down with a good movie and a large fire in the fireplace.  My brain is still in 100% holiday fog but I have been using my camera A LOT.  Here are just a few moments from our New Year.

4Q3B9995 copy


Neighbors and card games.


4Q3B9977 copy


My cousin who drove in with her family to spend New Years with us.

4Q3B0031 copy


If you can believe it, this is a HUGE sand dune  that is perfect sledding.


4Q3B0025 copy




Just a glimpse of winter beauty in Michigan.




Sister spends some serious time organizing her head bands and hair bows. Multiple times a day.


4Q3B0080 copy


4Q3B0076 copy


Bowling has become one of our families favorite sports.


Untitled-2 copy




This boy has spent a great deal of time setting and resetting his dominos.


4Q3B0151 copy


4Q3B0208 copy


I love the fact that my oldest son is a Rockin’ photog.


4Q3B0214 copy


Sending warm thoughts to everyone!  OXOX Katie