Well here we are….facing 2013 right in the eye.  The night before New Years Eve the crescendo of the holiday week.  The end of a year, of memories and of first times.  I have a little anxiety over goodbyes.  I really don’t like them.  They pull at my heart and they make me cry.  Not sure why but when it comes to saying goodbye I get a little misty eyed.  I don’t always show it but they are not easy for me.  I think I like the anticipation of events, moments and holidays even more then the event itself because I hate when the time passes and I am facing that goodbye again.

Our holidays were beautiful.  They were far from perfect but they were our beautiful.  I miss them already.  The magic of Christmas Eve and the celebration of Christmas Day.  A weekend of vacation with my family.  All over and done, but the memories and the images I captured are the treasures we take with us into 2013.

I am always reminded of the excitement of the new day, the next event, the next friendship or the simple surprise phone call.  I remind myself of blessings we receive every single day.  That is what makes our year so beautiful.  That is what keeps us moving forward.


I said to my husband that I can not believe another year is gone.  We have to start over again with January.  He laughed at me and said what is the alternative?  True what is the alternative?  I was reminded that life is so not a race…it is a long marathon and I need to enjoy all the pain, sweat, tears and joy of each mile marker.  You can’t run backwards in a marathon.  You have to remember how hard it was to get to where you are and how you never really thought you could even make it to that place you are at that moment.  Then you remember the victory of getting there the high fives that pushed you to keep going.

So I am energized.  I am looking forward to the next mile marker and I hope I get to enjoy each and every step.  Today Grace passed another beautiful mile marker as she blew past year 2 and crossed over into year 3.  That is another post coming this week.  That sweet girl deserves a page to herself.



We are off to Grandpas cottage in Michigan to ring in the new year with friends!  Can’t wait!  May everyone have a blessed and beautiful last night of 2012.  May you all cross over to 2013 with the feeling of victory as well as the sweet feeling of success and fulfillment.  OXOXO