Once upon a time there was this mom of 5 boys, anxiously awaiting her 6th and final baby.  That Mom was me.  Almost 5 years ago I was anxiously awaiting a baby that would complete our family.  I knew the child was coming with a little more genetic material then most but my husband assured me this boy or girl would teach us way more then we would ever teach her.

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About the same time my father bought me my first DSLR camera for my birthday.  With our final baby coming I was going to use it more then ever.  Capturing memories has always important in our family.  This is shown in the books upon books stacked in our bookcases of real printed pictures from walgreens.  Some were dark, some were blurry but those memories are forever captured and safely tucked away for the kids to flip through.4Q3B2453 copy 4Q3B2474 copy 4Q3B2471 copy

Fast forward 5 years and here we are.  Anxiously awaiting probably the biggest project I have ever been personally responsible for.  A project with 17 gorgeous girls from all backgrounds and abilities.  17 perfect beings that will come together to help “Change the Face of Beauty”4Q3B2464 copy 4Q3B2512 copy 4Q3B2505 copy

I had a conversation this afternoon with my best friend Michelle.  She has been my friend since college and was there the day I found out my unborn baby would have Down syndrome.  We talked about a show that was recently put out on OWN.  A show called “The Specials” and outside of the name I am super excited to see it. I missed it when they aired the marathon.  She saw it.  She went into the story line telling me how awesome it was to watch these young adults live life just like everyone else.  She told me how one was boy crazy and the other a bit of a diva.  I listened and then I asked her, “Did it give you a glimpse into Grace’s future?”  she paused and said, “Yes.”  She told me that she liked that the show confirmed that people living with Down syndrome are not always happy.  They are just like everyone else.  Because they are.  Isn’t that funny we have to say that out loud?4Q3B2482

I told her that I knew what it felt like to look at the future right in the eyes.  It stings sometimes.  I am 100% realistic when thinking about how Graces employment opportunities look when she gets older.  I know that she has a very little chance of landing a full-time fulfilling job unless I know someone.  But when I think about her personally, on the outside I believe that she will overcome all the obstacles placed on her because of that tiny extra chromosome.  But on the inside, some where I rarely go I know that it is highly unlikely that she will over come them all.  Even typing this yanks at my very guarded heart.4Q3B2517 copy4Q3B2528 copy

Next week I will come together with 9 popular children’s brands and celebrate the uniqueness of being a little girl.  All because the founder of Mighty Acorn Foundation believed that everyone should be included in every day advertising as well.  I am able to share this with a person I have admired from the beginning of the journey with my daughter, Kelle Hampton.


So regardless of the future tonight I have a full heart and a whole lot of gratitude for the people who have and continue to be placed in my path especially my big ol camera.  With out that I would not be writing you this note before bed tonight.  So that tells me that anything under this big starry sky is possible.  There are no limits and continuing to dream is just fine.  So I will continue to do just that, dream of a more accepting world, filled with  TONS of opportunity for all my children.

This weekend will be exciting as we set up for this fabulous shoot and welcome our friends Kelle and her 3 children, Livie and Luca, and Matilda Jane!  Stay tuned and feel free to follow along over on Instagram!

OX Katie