I have been thinking about the good and the bad of the year while preparing for this Thanksgiving.  The lessons I have learned and lessons that come up  I didn’t even realize I learned.


I have navigated parenthood for about 13 years now and some things have always remained the same.  My house has always been a reflection of me and the appreciation I have for my family.  It has always been demonstrated in the pictures on the wall, the way I designed my living room or the food that I make.  It has always been important to me that when people come to my home they feel welcome, loved and safe.  Another thing that has always been true of raising my family are the people that surround my kids as well as my husband and I.  Some have come and go but the community of people, friends and family have always been uplifting and supportive of who we are and I sure hope we have been the same to them.  I am not a step out of the box type of gal.  I generally don’t venture into new “groups” because honestly it is not comfortable for me.  I appreciate the friends that are like my afghans.  Kind of vintage.  Warm and cozy, no show type of people that I can throw some cheep pizzas on the counter and bake up a batch of cookies and it is a party.

That brings me to the “gratitude” point of this post.  I did not realize how lucky we are to have so many of those people in our lives.  Even after road blocks and redirections those friends remained there in one way or another.  I never realized how grateful I am for the kids that come in and out of our home and are respectful to all our children.  We have 3 kids that go to school and 3 that attend school at home and the kids have always respected and treated all of my children that same.  I am sure you are saying to yourself really?  Isn’t that what they are supposed to do?  Wouldn’t all children do that?  I know that is what my Mom is thinking.  She would say something like, “Kids are much more aware and supportive then you give them credit for.”  And I believe that.  I think that is why I never really thought about how grateful I am for the kids that do surround mine.

Life has pushed me to step outside of my comfortable box and for the most part it has filled our lives with even more blessings and appreciation for the community we are a part of.  But there have been times that have stopped me in my tracts and reminded me that people are not always aware of the different ways of parenting or the different abilities of our children.  I am not going to lie.  Those moments suck and they suck bad.  But in those moments I am reminded to be grateful.  I am reminded that I should be reaching out to the parents of the children who surround ours and thank them for raising such good kids.  Telling them that the kind everyday gestures are not taken for granted and that we appreciate them making all our children feel included.

I did that this morning.  I wrote a note to a Mom that deserved to know how her son brushed by me at a basketball game and stopped in the hallway, bent down and asked Grace how she was doing.  He continued to chat with her, knowing that speech is difficult for her and then went on with his night.  Just an every day moment where a young boy took the time to give my child a moment in his day.  i plan to do that more often.  I have done it in the past but some how recently other things less important have over shadowed those notes.  Parents need to feel like they are raising good kids.  They want to know that all the hard work they pour in is working.  I am hear to say that I will notice.

I hope you all are having those “grateful” ah-ha moments this week too.  They are there for a reason.  Think about them.  Sometimes they are life’s best lessons.

little bits and pieces of our holiday week.

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a new mug I bought for myself.  I love coffee mugs.  Every time I pull them out of the cabinet I think about where I bought them or who gave them to me.  They are perfect reminders of gratitude in my book.

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snow sledding in your PJ’s it is all the rave.

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Ummm. no comment.  this my only girl, really

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moments. beautiful moments that are forever etched in our hearts and shared with good friends.

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spelling.  its hard in our house but writing our words as the warm sun hits our back helps.

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shadows that are always following us.

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snow pictures.  I love them and the kids love them.

Hoping and praying you all have the most “grateful” Thanksgiving.  I appreciate all of you reading my year long musings and for supporting my family and I with your comments and letters.  I don’t take you for granted either.  Many blessing to you and yours.  OX Katie