Today we ran errands and saved the best for last.  Today we had to pick up her new glasses.

4Q3B6964 copy

4Q3B6958 copy We picked blue because it is the color of her eyes.

4Q3B6984 copy

I had a pit in my stomach.  I am not going to lie.  Covering those baby blues was not something that was top on my list.

4Q3B6980 copy

She is beautiful and I realized her glasses just give her a little flavor.  They will take sometime for us to get used to but we are getting there.

4Q3B7007 copy

4Q3B7029 copy

I wear glasses for goodness sake.  Not sure why I have such an issue with her having to wear them too, but I do.  It is my issue and I will get over it.  Colin is totally ok with the change!

4Q3B6992 copy

4Q3B7005 copy

And she still has an amazing way of blowing love through her magical kisses.

4Q3B7030 copyWe tried them out all afternoon and she pulled them off her head most of the day so we will see how tomorrow goes.

We tried on a sweet little outfit made by one of our followers.  The shirt says “Rockin My Extra Chromosome” and that she does!  This cute little dress is made right here in Chicago, IL by Craft Beever Boutique!  Check her out for all your dress-up needs.  She has really cute designs.


4Q3B7058 copy



4Q3B7061 copy

Happy weekend everyone!  We are seeing clearly today and the glass is half full.